Karimnagar - The Inspiration Place

    Karimnagar Education Sponsorship Program

  • The mission of Karimnagar Vikasa Vedika is to work toward the betterment of the people of Karimnagar District.

  • Recognizing several paths to the same goal, we strive to provide an alternative to people with good intentions regarding the development of the 'poor, huddled and unfortunate' people of Karimnagar.

  • The Karimnagar Vikasa Vedika provides opportunity to -

  • Interact with people of Karimnagar origin for brainstorming
    ideas and exchange information.

  • To Know current events and develop linkages with friends and well-wishers.

  • Operates as an outlet for not-for-profit based projects and develop ideas regarding the implementation of those projects.

  • To match specific developmental projects in the district with philanthropic minds and hands.

  • Helps to develop and market indigenous skills, arts and other natural resources.

  • To serve betterment of   Birthplace.

  • While the site is general in scope at present, it will continue to add Projects, Features, Successful Personalities info from Karimnagar and provide an interactive plat-form.

  • Karimnagar, The inspiration Place. Sometimes pronounced as Elagandula.
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